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Most Welcome on Itisolan.org, folks. my name is Sonuedu, I’m a student, and I blog. Typically, I acquire anything I can about a competition while preparing for the competition exam, then I post it on my blog to assist others.

Friends, In 2021, I built this website and faster a lot of information there. Soon after, people began to appreciate the knowledge we were providing. I was overjoyed to realize exactly how strong my motivation was.

Friends, my purpose about this website is that I want this website to be the topmost website in the education and yojana category because there is very little good information related to education in Hindi, so I created this website and started sharing good information so that I help people.

Companions, general I plan for Indian Airforce and my advantage is a lot of in specialized things, I love to do specialized things and this is likewise my energy and I accept that an individual ought to continuously follow his enthusiasm since, in such a case that you are energetic If you follow, you can work for quite a while ceaselessly, so everybody ought to follow their energy.

Companions, I trust that you will like our article and every one of the inquiries you have, you will find the solution to that multitude of inquiries on our block.

Yet at the same time to be familiar with any point, you can reach me on the email given underneath

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